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16th  May 2014


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16th May 2014

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2014 Sailing Season well under way

With the Etchells launch on 17th April racing soon began and despite cool and uncertain weather conditions racing has been much enjoyed already. Today, 16th May, saw the successful launch of three Squibs and eight Mylnes on a beautiful sunny and calm day. Perfect conditions for the lift in. They made a fine sight with all the freshly painted hulls lined up ready for craning in and then after a very efficient lift-in operation they were soon all safely on the moorings. A big well done to the Captain, Graham Knights, and his team with particular mention too of our boatman Huw Williams who has worked hard to make sure everything was ready out in the River. Thanks also to our stewardess, Jane Clements, for plenty of coffee and hot sandwiches for hungry members.

Photos of the Launch Day (Click Here)

Annual General Meeting 2014

The 170th Annual General Meeting, held on 27th March 2014, was extremely well attended. The Commodore Mr Trevor Tansey gave his report and announced with regret that due to personal commitments the vice-Commodore, Mr Cliff Renshaw, had reluctantly decided that he must stand down from office and not seek re-election. Mr Renshaw addressed the meeting and referred to his re-development efforts, his involvement with the purchase of The Admiral, etc during the past several years. The Commodore expressed the appreciation of the membership for all his hard work and thanked him for his time as an Officer. A formal Vote of Thanks was passed with approbation. Mrs Jenny Whittingham-Jones was similarly thanked for her year as Rear-Commodore. The Commodore, Hon Treasurer, Cup Bearer and Hon Secretary were thanked for their sterling work over the past twelve months and re-elected to Office. Mr Graeme Griffiths was elected as Rear-Commodore.

The Commodore thanked the retiring members of the General Committee. Mr N Anderton. Mr M Carins, Mr J Collingwood and Ms S Sumner were elected to the General Committee.

The Hon Treasurer presented the annual accounts, which were approved, and stressed the need for members to recruit new members in order to sustain the Club’s future. The Captain referred to the ongoing and very successful refurbishment of the Bremner room and thanked the team of members who had been undertaking the work.

2014 Race Programme

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New Website Coming!

A new RMYC website is under construction and there will be a changeover in the next few weeks.  It is intended that this should be seamless and it will not require any change of web address so you should just find it there one day when you look in. At the same time after six years in the Webmaster’s virtual seat I will handover to a new a new Webmaster, and I wish him well with the task ahead. (March 2014)

Xmas Dinners

The three annual Xmas Dinners, presided over by the Commodore, were greatly enjoyed by all who attended.  With grateful thanks to the Stewardess and other catering Staff for fabulous meals and service in festive surroundings.

Prize-Giving Night 2013

Saturday October 23rd saw a magnificent and glittering prize-giving night preceded by a splendid dinner attended by many members and guests. The prizes for the Menai Regattas were concentrated on a very few boats due to the paucity of entries, but nevertheless, they sailed hard to win them. Well deserved wins on the Mersey were also duly acknowledged. The prizes being graciously presented by the Commodore’s wife Mrs Eleanor Tansey.

Autumn General Meeting 2013

The 2013 autumn General Meeting, on 24th October, was attended as usual by a good cross-section of the membership. The Commodore Mr Trevor Tansey gave an Interim Report in which he acknowledged that the sailing this year has been the best for a long time, at both evening and weekends  with exceptionally good sailing weather. On some occasions the numbers of boats sailing was disappointing and he stressed the need for new members to be attracted to the Club.    Reference was made to the problem of the moorings and silting , which had problematic at the beginning of the season. He applauded the efforts of the Captain and the boatman in lifting as much chain as possible at the end of the season, to proved avoid a repeat of the silting problems and to enable an early start to what will be the 170th season in 2014.

The Captain, Mr Graham Knights, was unanimously re-elected to the approval of all. The Captain was quick to point out that whilst it might to be a one person job he couldn’t do it without his support team. He gave particular thanks to Mr Alistair Smith, Assistant Capt., Geoff Sheen, Ray Huntington, Dave Massey and those involved with the lift in & out teams. He also gave particular mention to the club’s good fortune is having Mr Huw Williams as the new Boatman, whose knowledge and seamanship has already been shown to be of the highest order.

The meeting approved the proposed new classes of membership for 2014, with some provisos.

Mr Cliff Renshaw gave a development report, which included an overview of the unsuccessful grant applications made this past 12 months and outlining the proposed refurbishment of the ground floor. The Commodore explained that funding would obviously now have to come from within the club, he referred to his recent letter to members, and he was proposing to form a small committee to address this matter

The Commodore reminded members, that next year is the club’s 170th anniversary, which it is intended will be celebrated with special social and sailing events. Mr Tansey closed the meeting by thanking the other Officers the General Committee members and sub-committees for their work and support throughout the year.

The 2013 Sailing Season Ends

Saturday 21st September saw the final lift-out and the end of the 2013 sailing season. The weather during the season was the best for some years, a really good summer, although August proved to be somewhat changeable. Enjoyable sailing was experienced throughout the season, despite the delayed start due to the lengthy 2012/13 winter and moorings problems. The Boatman, Huw Williams, was kept busy following all the races having to tow back on occasions when light winds were insufficient against the Mersey tides. There were also the inevitable, but not too frequent, refloating tows for him after inshore sailing to get out of the tide led to some becoming stuck aground. All part of the Mersey sailing challenge.  The members have very much appreciated Huw’s assistance ashore and afloat during his first full season as RMYC Boatman.


September Newsletter .pdf (click)